PhD Student in Structural Characterization and Testing of Composite Additively Manufactured Materials (M/F)

Reference : MRT-2020-012

Type: PhD Student
Contract type: Fixed term contract
Duration: 14+22+12 months
Place: Bascharage



Your work environment

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT. By transforming scientific knowledge into technologies, smart data and tools, LIST empowers citizens in their choices, public authorities in their decisions and businesses in their strategies.

You will be part of the LIST Materials Research and Technology department

Through its research into advanced materials and processes, the “Materials Research and Technology” (MRT) department, with its 200 researchers and engineers, contributes to the emergence of enabling technologies that underpin the innovation processes of local and international industry. MRT’s activities hinge on four thematic pillars: nanomaterials and nanotechnology, scientific instrumentation and process technology, structural composites, and functional polymers.

The department also includes four high-tech platforms, focusing on composites, prototyping, characterization and testing. These platforms serve both LIST research staff, and other stakeholders in Luxembourg.

The Structural Composites Unit is strategically positioned in the framework of National Composites Centre - Luxembourg initiative (NCCL) to address the development of high-performance and multifunctional polymer-based composites. The research team drives the next generation of composites engineering to bring about functional and ultra-lightweight materials and structures which are architected at several scales of observation up from their basic constituents, and covering interfaces and interphases at all levels. This work aims at advancing knowledge in experimental, and multi-scale and multifield modelling and design of multifunctional and ultra-lightweight and high-performance composites which are reliable and sustainable. Experimental and computational methodologies and tools are developed to cover the full composites development chain, from the engineering of materials and processes, through structural design optimisation, to manufacturing, and enable multi-objective performance optimization. Full-scale composite technology demonstrators are brought to the industry, hence making them available for Luxembourg, Grande Region and European societies.

The Structural Composites Unit hosts a FNR PEARL Chair with the project ‘Multiscale data-driven virtual design for manufacturing of composite materials: Driving the next generation of ultra-lightweight additively manufactured fibre-reinforced polymers (DRIVECOMP).




In the framework of the DRIVECOMP project, you will be researching on the topic of structural characterization and testing of composite additively manufactured (AM) materials. After manufacturing optimization, the mechanical properties of the lightweight materials will be investigated at different scales ranging from the macroscale down to the nanoscale and at different temperatures. More precisely, properties at the micro and nanoscale will be investigated by nanoindentation and atomic force microscopy (AFM) in nanomechanical mode. Upon mechanical loading, a competition between orientational mechanisms and damage mechanisms is expected. Those two families of mechanisms will be captured in-situ by advanced techniques (micro-computed x-ray tomography, microscopy, x-ray scattering). Damage can be generated from the multiple interfaces of the AM composite material. These damage mechanisms will be discussed based on the measured interfacial behaviour and on finite element simulations of representative volume elements. The gathered knowledge will contribute to hinder or limit damage of these novel materials, ensuring their mechanical performance and durability.

You will be supported by the project team members to bring about the objectives of the PhD thesis, and will actively collaborate to reach the overall goals of the DRIVECOMP project.




  • Master degree in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science or related field
  • Excellent knowledge about mechanical behaviour of materials and their structural applications
  • Proven knowledge on analytical and finite element modelling of material mechanical behaviour 
  • Experience with fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials and/or polymer physics is an advantage 
  • A good background with experimental advanced characterization tools and testing methods is mandatory
  • A team player with the ability to work with a diverse range of colleagues in an international environment is needed
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are required
  • Strong spoken and written English is mandatory
  • Knowledge of French, German and / or Luxembourgish is considered an asset


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Dr Frédéric ADDIEGO
Dr Frédéric ADDIEGO

Dr David RUCH
Dr David RUCH