Post-doctoral researcher – Coordination polymerization of olefins by metal catalysts based on Ti, Pd, Ni and lanthanides (M/F)

Reference : MRT-2020-033

Type: Researcher
Contract type: Fixed term contract
Duration: 24 months
Place: Hautcharage



The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) in partnership with Goodyear and with the support of an Industrial Partnership Block Grant (IPBG) from the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) will drive significant research and development focused on next-generation tire materials including new types of polymers and rubbers.

The primary objective of the IPBG “Materials Research for Tire Technology” is to improve the understanding and performance of materials and processes used in future tire technologies. A future tire, as a highly complex composite material, needs to fulfil a wide range of performance criteria that cannot be achieved without expertise in chemistry and physics. This particular project is focused on the creation of new polymers via coordination (co)polymerization of various olefins by metal catalysts based on Ti, Pd, Ni and/or lanthanides.




We are looking for an experienced researcher able to strongly contribute to an ambitious project focused on the development of new polymers via coordination polymerization of various olefins. During the course of his/her research the applicant is expected to design and synthesize new metal (Ti, Pd, Ni, etc.) based catalysts and further apply them for the preparation of new rubbers. The resulting polymeric materials will be characterized by techniques including NMR and IR spectroscopy, GPC, DSC, TGA, DMTA, AFM and TEM.





  • PhD degree in Organometallic Chemistry (preferably), or
  • PhD degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Required seniority

  • Two years of professional experience in organometallic chemistry
  • Proven track record (papers, patents, conference proceedings)


Required skills

  • Strong background and extensive hands-on experience in synthetic organometallic chemistry (preferably on Ru, Pt, Pd, Ni, Ti, etc. catalysts)
  • Experience with standard wet- and air-sensitive chemistry techniques
  • Experience in use of modern characterization techniques such as FT-IR, DSC, TGA
  • Ability to independently analyze NMR spectra (obligatory (!))
  • Knowledge of ChemDraw or similar software for drawing and analyzing of chemical structures
  • The ability to work creatively and independently, including primary experience in writing research reports and in scientific literature research

Additional skills

  • Demonstrated competencies in polymer synthesis will be highly valued
  • Previous experience in coordination or ROMP polymerization will be appreciated
  • Experience in the utilization of AFM, SEM, TEM or mechanical testing of polymer films will be considered as an asset
  • Knowledge of Origin and Excell will be counted as a plus
  • Finally, the selected person should show collaborative skills, initiative, result oriented, organization, and capacity to work in an interdisciplinary environment


  • Fluent English (spoken and written) is essential
  • Knowledge of French would be an asset
  • Knowledge of German would be an asset


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 Alexander SHAPLOV
Alexander SHAPLOV

 Stéphanie LUCADELLO

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