Research engineer in the field of Business Analytics Architecture (M/F)

Reference : ITIS-2019-003

Type: Engineer
Contract type: Permanent contract
Place: Belval



With a team of more than 100 highly skilled researchers and engineers from various disciplines, the ITIS Department addresses the technological, organizational, human and economic aspects of innovative IT services. Research areas are based around the innovation of services with a high level of information intensity and a level of quality allowing trust to be gained in their use and value to be generated around new business models.

The successful candidate will actively contribute to the research and technological activities in an interdisciplinary research unit that aims to enhance Luxembourg’s international competitiveness in the area of business analytics and therefore significantly participate in the country's socio-economic development.




For this position, we look for a highly motivated research engineer who will take part in a series of ambitious projects in the Business Analytics and Industry 4.0. areas. The main objective and aims relate to the design and implementation of reliable, scalable software architectures that are able to leverage advanced analytical models while integrating with the existing enterprise infrastructure.

The Engineer will actively contribute to the research and technological activities of an interdisciplinary research unit that aims to enhance Luxembourg’s international competitiveness in the Business Analytics area, within a Big Data/HPC context.

The Engineer will mainly be responsible for:

  • Working closely with the different external and internal stakeholders to successfully design, validate and develop edge, cloud and high-performance architectures; propose viable options based on factors like performance, infrastructure in place, or application and project requirements
  • Design, develop, validate and support architectural plans, solutions and/or proof-of-concepts within the scope of the different projects that are covered, e.g. machine learning, analytics; offer operations support
  • Communicate results through software demonstrations, analysis, and comparisons/review and through presentations/reports as per the project’s needs. Will also need to intervene, on a per-need-basis, in providing training or support material
  • Conduct technical and literature reviews and keep up with the state of the art in the field of software engineering/design





  • PhD / Master’s degree in Computer Science / Software Engineering / Information Technology or other closely related disciplines

Required Seniority

  • Demonstrated professional experience and expertise in architecting big data solutions preferably to enable advanced analytics projects
  • Demonstrated experience with Big Data technologies and frameworks, both in the commercial and open-source domains
  • Strong skills in information systems for complex event processing and real-time analysis of business operations data
  • Experience in supporting machine learning projects like efficient data extraction and querying
  • Knowledge of data analytics, machine learning techniques and modeling is considered a plus
  • Collaborative skills, initiative, result-oriented, excellent organization and capacity to work in an interdisciplinary environment;
  • Strong interest in engaging in innovative value-creation activities with partners in the Industry 4.0 domain
  • Demonstrated ability to generate new ideas, concepts and solutions
  • Excellent analytical and report-writing skills; excellent communication skills (oral, written, presentation)


The candidate is expected to have sufficient knowledge and experience with technical skill sets and expertise like:

  • Demonstrated strong knowledge and experience with distributed storage/computing, open-source frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark
  • Demonstrated strong experience with developing and architecting large-scale software solutions over cloud-based platforms like IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, SAP Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Platform etc.
  • Strong skills in Java and/or Scala, JavaScript
  • Strong knowledge of classical machine learning models and concepts along with clear understanding of building data pipelines for analytics projects
  • Knowledge and experience working with technologies like Docker and Kubernetes
  • Knowledge with respect to designing, managing and hosting Big Data repositories/lakes
  • Sufficient awareness and experience with CI/CD practices
  • Experience in managing Git or any other version control tools/practice
  • Knowledge of R/Python is a considered a plus
  • Expertise with designing, developing and deploying IoT solutions is considered a plus
  • Application of these into concrete projects in the Industry 4.0/Manufacturing domain is a plus


  • Fluency in English (written/verbal) is mandatory


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Prof. Dr Eric DUBOIS
Prof. Dr Eric DUBOIS

Director of IT for Innovative Services department

 Nathalie DESSOY
Nathalie DESSOY

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