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Working in Luxembourg

Looking for more information about Luxembourg’s landscape? We have selected several sources of information for you.

Several suggested sources of information

  • : information oriented towards the social, cultural, tourist, economic and political life of the country
  • : studies, pictures, facts and figures, see for yourself what makes Luxembourg special
  • " Living & Working : Luxembourg " section : information on relocating to Luxembourg (finding a place to live, finding a school, the tax system, the cost of living, healthcare, social legislation and the comparability of qualifications, etc.)
  • : administrative information and affairs online (relocation, marriage, family, employment, etc.)
  • or, " Frontaliers " / " Grenzgänger " section : practical information on life in Luxembourg for cross-border commuter
  • : information and assistance for foreign researchers who want to settle in Luxembourg (entry conditions, daily life, etc.), information also gathered in the guide entitled "Foreign Researcher's Guide to Luxembourg"
  • : find a place to stay in Luxembourg.  
    discover the many facets of Luxembourg in 10 short films

Further recommended reading

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