Working in Luxembourg

A welcoming country for your talent

According to your profile, you can benefit from the numerous programmes allocated by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and set up by the Luxembourg government to attract researchers from around the world:

  • PhD and Post-Doc, discover 'Aides à la Formation-Recherche' AFR grants
  • Young, foreign researchers, benefit from the ATTRACT programme
  • Experienced and internationally-renowned researchers, benefit from the PEARL programme

You will also benefit from the many advantages of Luxembourg itself including:

  • Its geographic location at the centre of Europe,
  • Its multiculturalism and multilingualism in a country in which more than 170 nationalities live side-by-side,
  • The ease of dealing with public authorities,
  • One of the highest standards of living in the world

Several suggested sources of information:

  • information oriented towards the social, cultural, tourist, economic and political life of the country
  • studies, pictures, facts and figures, see for yourself what makes Luxembourg special
  •, " Living & Working : Luxembourg " section: information on relocating to Luxembourg (finding a place to live, finding a school, the tax system, the cost of living, healthcare, social legislation and the comparability of qualifications, etc.)
  • administrative information and affairs online (relocation, marriage, family, employment, etc.)
  • or, " Frontaliers " / " Grenzgänger " section: practical information on life in Luxembourg for cross-border commuter
  • information and assistance for foreign researchers who want to settle in Luxembourg (entry conditions, daily life, etc.), information also gathered in the guide entitled "Foreign Researcher's Guide to Luxembourg"
  •,,,, find a place to stay in Luxembourg
  • discover the many facets of Luxembourg in 10 short films

Further recommended reading:

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