Green Polymers

The Green Polymers group applies science and engineering principles to enable the more sustainable generation and use of polymeric materials.

Main expertise fields

  • Generation of monomers, pre-polymers and fillers from renewable resources
  • Synthesis, formulation and structure-properties relations of bio-based / sustainable thermoplastics, thermosets and their composites
  • Materials classes: aminoplasts, benzoxazines, cellulose & cellulosics, elastomers & rubbers, epoxies, fiber composites, interpenetrating networks, lignin, nanoparticles & nanocomposites, plant oils & derivatives, phenolic resins, polyesters, polysaccharides & derivatives, polyurethanes (conventional & non-isocyanate, foams), silicones, vinyl ester resins, vitrimers
  • Process approaches: additive manufacturing, chemical recycling, composite & nanocomposite processing, compression molding, extrusion, injection molding, mechanical recycling
  • Characterization techniques: FTIR, NIR & NMR spectroscopy, fire testing, gas sorption & surface area analysis, GPC, mass spectrometry, permeability testing, porosimetry, rheology, thermal analysis, x-ray diffraction

Research challenge

  • Design of monomers, (pre-)polymers and fillers with enhanced safety and sustainability in mind
  • Extraction, isolation and chemical modification of monomers, (pre-)polymers and fillers from biomass
  • Identifying of safer, more sustainable synthetic methods and (re-)processing approaches
  • Developing new approaches to manage the end-of-life of polymeric materials
  • Ensuring that solutions deliver necessary performance levels, scalability, industrial relevance and socioeconomic impact

Application areas

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Adhesives and coatings
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Biomedical applications
  • Electronics and electrical applications
  • High-performance polymeric materials
  • Packaging
  • Space & aerospace
  • Structural materials
  • New polymers and additives for tires

Main assets

  • 3DPRINTINN (ongoing)

    • Bio-derived materials for additive manufacturing

  • CATBIOSE (ongoing)

    • Hemicellulose-derived polyesters

  • Goodyear-LIST partnership (ongoing)

    • Bio-based process & performance additives
    • Novel traction resins
    • Additive compatibility, migration and performance

  • LIGNOBENZ (ongoing)

    • Lignin-based benzoxazine resins

  • Other assets (academic & industrial)

    • Alternative thermoset, adhesive and coating formulations for industrial applications
    • Bio-based epoxies, vitrimers and fiber composites
    • Cardanol-based additives and polymeric materials
    • High performance foams and porous materials for industrial applications
    • Nanocomposites adapted to specific industrial needs


  • Anton Paar MCR 302 rheometer
  • Christ Martin Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic freeze dryer
  • LabThink VAC-VBS permeation analyser
  • Masuko MKZA10-20J Supermasscolloider ultra-fine friction grinder
  • MBraun LABStar four-arm glove box
  • MBraun SPS-800 solvent purification systems
  • Parr 4564 benchtop carbon dioxide reactor
  • Schlenk lines
  • Synthesis reactors up to 5 L
  • Top Industrie custom-built polycondensation reactor
  • UV conveyer
  • Vacuum ovens

Selected publications

Research domains
  • Materials

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