Ferroic Materials for Transducers

Our research challenges

At LIST, we mobilise our scientific expertise in phase transitions of ferroic materials, ab initio modelling, piezoelectric/ferroelectric materials, interaction of light and polar materials, and electrocaloric materials, to develop thin active oxides on transparent substrates.

Our competencies

  • Design of ferroic materials (ab initio, phase transitions)
  • Advanced characterization of oxides (Raman, XRD, piezo/ferro)
  • Sol gel deposition, inkjet printing and Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Fatigue of piezoelectrics

Typical applications

  • Transparent piezoelectric actuators on glass
  • Strain sensors
  • Pyroelectric thermal detection
  • Tunable radio-frequency devices
  • Integrated solid-state chillers
Research domains
  • Materials

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Dr Emmanuel DEFAY
Dr Emmanuel DEFAY
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