Cross-Europe nano-pharmaceutical project Phoenix

A total of 11 project partners from academia and industry located all across Europe have joined forces in a project called Phoenix to create an Open Innovation Test Bed for nano-pharmaceuticals, drugs that use nanotechnology.

Source : Merkur
Publication date : 05/10/2021


This project will all be coordinated in the Grand Duchy by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Phoenix is an innovation project funded by the EU’s Horizon2020 Framework Programme and it aims to provide services for the development, characterisation, testing, safety assessment, scale-up, GMP production and commercialisation of nano-pharmaceuticals to the market, making them available to SMEs, startups, research laboratories and interested users. The project is coordinated by LIST and supported by MyBiotech, near Saarbrücken, for scientific coordination. Phoenix will have a duration of 48 months starting on March 2021 with a total budget of EUR 14,450 million and a requested EU contribution of EUR 11.1 million.


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