€16m Research & Innovation investment boost over 2 years

The Luxembourg government has earmarked an additional €7m for research institutions in 2020, and €9m for 2021, for innovation and research in a bid to build a digital knowledge society by 2030.

Source : delano.lu
Publication date : 02/26/2020


The budget increases presented by education minister Claude Meisch (DP) on Tuesday come in addition to the €385m already earmarked for 2020 and €400m for 2021.

The University of Luxembourg will be the main beneficiary, receiving an additional €9.65m (+2%) to extend the opening hours of its library, the learning centre, and to implement elements of the digital strategy and develop technological solutions for the music education sector.

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology will receive a further €1.78m for its digital twin project and the Luxembourg Institute of Health will receive a further €1.83m to strengthen its activities in sports medicine.

The socio-economic studies body Liser will, meanwhile, receive a further €2.34m and the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre will receive €400,000 more.

The investment forms part of Luxembourg’s strategy based on four axes to guide public investment in research into industrial and services transformation, sustainable and responsible development, personalised health and 21st Century education.

The strategy will be at the heart of the “third research conference” being organised between now and the summer, bringing together the research community as well as civil society actors. The strategy will be supplemented by a second national strategy devoted to higher education.




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