Behind The Scenes Of The Luxembourg Institute Of Science And Technology’s 5G Research Projects

Two employees from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), a local research and technology organisation, share insights into the research work they’re doing in the 5G and wireless communication space.

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Publication date : 10/04/2021


When Dr Djamel Khadraoui was a child, he remembers feeling a rush of excitement after he first saw an airplane fly across the sky. It was a pivotal moment as he began to understand the power of technology. For Dr Sébastien Faye, he vividly remembers technology playing a key part of his childhood, from playing the original Nintendo NES to opening up Windows 95 for the first time.

With both having a lifelong fascination and passion for technology, it’s no surprise that these two are now experts in their field, and are working in some of the country’s most innovative roles in the tech industry today. We’re going behind the scenes with LIST’s Dr Djamel Khadraoui, Head of Research Unit, and Dr Sébastien Faye, Senior Research & Technology Associate, to uncover what it’s like working in such a complex industry as they explore new frontiers relating to 5G.

Current initiatives

From the deployment of 5G, to already looking into 6G, the IT for Innovative Services (ITIS) department at LIST is never short of work. Whether it’s planning, designing, or optimizing the technology, or working with various tech operators, service and application providers, regulators and ensuring its security.

One project they’re working on is called ‘5G-INSIGHT’, an initiative that focuses on securing 5G communications and networks used by vehicles. Dr Faye says, “What makes this of specific interest for Luxembourg is that we focus on cross-border areas, where a significant number of issues can arise”. The project looks at specific characteristics of 5G vehicle communications in the France-Luxembourg cross-border area but will also develop synergies with other 5G cross-border projects across Europe, when possible. This long-term project involves five different partners; three universities in France, and two entities in Luxembourg; the University of Luxembourg and LIST, and is funded by the FNR and the ANR.

When it comes to resources and timelines, the team is comprised of more than 15 other specialists who support the various 5G research projects. “Each team member brings a unique set of skills, whether it be telecommunications or optimization, that helps bring solutions to market” says Dr Khadraoui. “Our first project which investigated an advanced and concrete use of 5G started three years ago, and most projects last between two to three years, depending on the topic and its maturity.”

“Thanks to 5G, we will be able to manage the exchange of not only information but plenty of data that will allow us to make decisions in real time” says Dr Khadraoui. He believes this technology will bring new products and services into the hands of consumers, along with a new paradigm to the way we think.

When asked about the potential impact of 5G on our health, Dr Faye says “we always ensure we are compliant with the regulations that are implemented”. Two projects in particular are under development and can help facilitate the deployment of 5G and future communication technologies. ‘5G-EMIT’ aims to optimise the deployment of 5G infrastructure while considering the applicable limits for exposure to electromagnetic waves. To help build awareness of 5G for the general public, LIST has launched ‘5G-PLANET’ in collaboration with the Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy of the Luxembourg Government. This awareness-raising initiative makes complex 5G-mobility concepts accessible to all, and is set to be developed by February 2022. “The new wireless communication technologies are increasingly complex to understand for the general public and explaining the ins and outs is of paramount importance”, says Faye. 5G-PLANET will propose a pedagogical platform based on a promising application for Luxembourg: connected mobility.

‘Connecting Tomorrow’: a spotlight for Luxembourg tech

Connecting Tomorrow, an upcoming 3-day conference is an exciting and unique forum as it “brings researchers, service providers, adopters, and the general public – all together in one place” says Faye. This event gives an opportunity for different sectors to learn about 5G and discuss the future of this technology.

To learn more about the various research projects at LIST, click here.

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