FNR Awards 2023 Celebrate Scientific Excellence & Impact

On the evening of Thursday 19 October 2023, the Luxembourg National Research Fund (Fonds National de la Recherche - FNR) held the fifteenth edition of the FNR Awards, which honour excellence in research, science communication and mentorship.

Source : chronicle.lu
Publication date : 10/21/2023


A tradition that started in 2009, approximately 85 FNR Awards have been given to "outstanding" researchers and science promoters over the years. The 2023 ceremony was hosted by Lisa Burke and FNR Science Communicator Michèle Weber. On this occasion, the FNR presented four awards amid the gathering of about 200 guests.

FNR Awards 2023

1. FNR Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis: Emmanuele Penocchio (University of Luxembourg)

According to the FNR, Emmanuele Peocchio's "groundbreaking" thesis delved deep into the thermodynamic intricacies of chemical engines - both natural and artificial. His research has provided a "pioneering theoretical foundation that will pave the way for designing more efficient chemical engines in the future".

2. FNR Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement: Andy Chevigné (LIH)

Andy Chevigné and his team at the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) have made a "paradigm-shifting" discovery in the opioid system, unearthing a novel receptor and its significant role in pain perception. Their work is believed to hold the potential to "revolutionise" treatments for opioid-related disorders with safer, more effective drug alternatives.

3. FNR Award for Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public: Dominique Santana (C2DH, University of Luxembourg)

Based on her FNR-funded PhD research, Dominique Santana's "commendable" project has woven the power of history, digital technologies and international collaboration. With support from various institutions, this initiative has "bridged cultural ties between Luxembourg and Brazil, leaving an indelible mark on the world of scientific collaboration", noted the FNR.

4. FNR Award for Outstanding Mentorship: Pierre Verge (LIST)

Described by the FNR as a "beacon of inspiration" for many, Pierre Verge from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) received recognition for his "unwavering commitment" to mentorship. From fostering a supportive and inclusive research environment to empowering mentees towards independence and ethical research, Pierre's contribution to shaping the next generation of researchers has been "unparalleled", concluded the FNR.



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