LIST Joins Goodyear In Strategic Partnership Focused On Sustainability And Digitalization In Tire Industry

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Goodyear have revealed their second phase of a strategic collaboration. This renewed partnership not only aims to build upon their previous successes but also to explore new technological advancements in the wear and tear of tires, expanding on sustainability in the mobility industry.

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Publication date : 05/08/2024


The announcement of the second phase of this partnership, made at last year’s LIST Tech Day, marked a major collaboration. The agreement leverages the expertise, infrastructure, and competencies of both entities to drive innovation and technology into new application domains focusing on sustainability and digitalization in the tire industry, by potentially developing innovative new materials. 

Since 2017, LIST and Goodyear joined forces, achieving results in materials research, understanding structure-property relationships, and harnessing data science. Building on this success, the second phase of the partnership, will focus on data science for tire applications, tire sensor technology, new sustainable tire material, and the ruse of the end-of-life cycle tires.

Sustainability and digitalization

In terms of sustainability, the partnership will focus on developing tire products using bio-based and recyclable materials. Digitalization efforts will concentrate on data science applications to accelerate sensor prototyping timelines and efficacy. 

Moreover, the collaboration aims to develop sensors capable of real-time monitoring of tire wear to enhance safety and simplify maintenance procedures. Additionally, research and development efforts will be dedicated to energy harvesting and storage for wireless sensors, ensuring their durability and efficiency over time.

Strategic research programs

The strategic research programs within the partnership encompass a range of critical areas. Firstly, the “data science for tire applications” initiative is centered on aligning with Goodyear’s “first time right” development goal, leveraging data science to create, assess, and validate tire models at the early stages of development. 

Secondly, the “tire sensor technology” program is dedicated to advancing materials-based sensing tech, enabling continuous monitoring of tires. Another focal point is the “end-of-life tires” program, which seeks to explore and potentially develop novel materials and processing techniques to bolster the reuse of end-of-life tires. Lastly, the “sustainable materials” initiative dives into the exploration of new raw materials tailored for various tire architectures, with a focus on enhancing sustainability across the board.

Focusing on sustainability and digitalization

The upcoming phase of collaboration entails over 30 projects across six years, with a strong focus on driving sustainability and digitization in the tire industry. Backed by the ministry of the economy, and the Industrial Partnership Block Grants (IPBG) initiative of the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), this second phase is set to kick off by the end of April.

These projects aim to revolutionize manufacturing processes, enhance product performance, and promote eco-friendly practices within the tire sector.

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