Partnership with LIST in the field of energy transition

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg have made significant advances since launching their partnership in late 2019.

Source : Merkur
Publication date : 02/07/2023


The two entities work jointly on the R&D of innovative projects and services concerning energy efficiency improvement and the responsible use of resources, multiple energy efficiency optimization measures, heat recovery, and power generation from surplus heat. LIST, whose vocation is to transfer scientific and innovative solutions to economic and industrial stakeholders, has been bringing its expertise to ArcelorMittal for the past three years, centered around the concept of "the Forge", where ideas and possible project leads are developed and tested as part of ArcelorMittal's transition process towards circular and decarbonized steel production. The Heat2Power project was born on the basis of the latest technical report. Software based on mathematical optimization has been developed to select the optimal combination of several technologies to generate electricity from heat lost during the production process. This project is supported by the Fonds National de la Recherche.


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