The Department Materials Research and Technology (MRT) translates cutting-edge materials research into applicable technology.

Its activities span from Nanomaterials and enabling Nanotechnology to Sustainable Composite Materials. A transversal Central Materials Laboratory mutualises MRT's considerable expertise and equipment ranging from polymer and thin film processing to nano-fabrication, prototyping and functional measurements. MRT's research is further strengthened by a Platform for Advanced Characterization. Finally, the Department operates a Technology line, which focuses on the development of scientific instruments based on charged particle beams for nano-imaging and nano-analysis.

Research units

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology  / Sustainable Polymeric & Composite Materials / Central Materials Laboratory  / Advanced Instrumentation for Ion Nano-Analytics

Emerging research topics

Sensors and actuators, Photocatalysis and energy harvesters, Transparent electronics and smart nanocomposites, Modelling and design of structures and multifunctional composites, Bio-based polymers and composites, Adhesion and compatibilization of fibres/matrix, Process engineering and advanced manufacturing, Functional Coatings.

Key markets and sectors

  • Space and Aeronautics
  • Smart Glass and Buildings
  • Sensors and Automotive
  • High-Tech Equipment
  • Composite Industry

Equipment and facilities

Our Central Materials Laboratory offers a unique variety of expertise and pools cutting-edge equipment for coating, thin films, particle engineering, nano-fabrication, prototyping and functional measurements.

We offer to our clients access to these expertise and equipment for their own research and innovation projects and propose via our Materials Characterisation and Testing Platform a wide range of standardized and made-to-measure services in: Molecular analysis, Surface and elementary analysis, Structure, morphology and topography, Mechanical testing and accelerated ageing, Fire behaviour and thermo-phyical analysis

Our catalogue of expertise and equipment!

Current projects


Prof. Dr Jens KREISEL

Director of Materials Research and Technology department

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