100% of customers recommend LIST’s Materials Platform

Published on 11/06/2020

Presentation of the results of the 4th customer satisfaction survey of LIST’s Materials Platform.

At LIST, we make a point of carefully and regularly analysing the data relating to our customers' reactions, in order to better understand and even anticipate their needs.

A success due to the involvement of all our teams

This year, nearly 90 customers of the Materials platform, representing 50 companies, were interviewed via a satisfaction survey on their experience with LIST services, from the definition of the offer to the publication of the final report. 37% of our customers gave their opinion, which is well above the 10-30% range typical for this type of survey. 98% of responses were in the "satisfied/very satisfied" range, 2% in the "neutral" range and none in the "dissatisfied/very dissatisfied" range. 100% would recommend LIST. This is a real success, which reflects the involvement of the Materials Platform team but also the support services. Our customers have particularly appreciated our ability to respond to their requests, our advice and the reliability of our results.

A unique combination of scientific and technological skills

The Materials Research and Technology Platforms is a transversal entity organised in four platforms, offering a combination of recognised scientific and technological competencies and cutting-edge equipment in the field of advanced characterisation, testing, composite manufacturing and prototype engineering.

  • The analytical methodologies developed in the Advanced Characterization Platform allows the obtaining of composition and quantification of materials, 2D and 3D imaging, structural information, topography and morphology in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders in research.
  • The standard and tailored mechanical and ageing test methods offered by the Testing Platform provide access to material properties and products certification.
  • The Composite Manufacturing Platform in a close connection with industry, conducts applied research and experimental development using semi-industrial equipment and pilot lines.
  • The Prototype Engineering Platform is made up of talented and well-experienced engineers who work in the field of prototype design, assembly and testing.

Commitment to our stakeholders

LIST works on projects with high added value for the market, on short or long term research and innovation requests. We strive to understand the needs of our partners and offer them the flexibility and agility they need to optimise their time to market. We believe that strategic research and applied research are mutually reinforcing and we therefore work with our partners in a "push & pull" dynamic: either we propose an innovation that will change our industrial partner's roadmap, or we adapt to their innovation needs. Do not hesitate to contact our teams dedicated to partnerships and business development, in order to find the ideal solution for your needs: Contact > Partnership & Valorisation

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