20 participants attended "Hydrocourse 2015"

Published on 28/04/2015

In the week of April 20-24, 2015, the LIST's Environmental Research & Innovation (ERIN) department hosted a short course entitled "Model building, inference and hypothesis testing in Hydrology", in Belvaux, Luxembourg. The main goal was to expose students to the technical aspects of hydrological modelling, including numerical implementation, uncertainty analysis, and conceptual model building.

The course was delivered to 20 participants from different countries, most of whom were masters and PhD students. There was a balance of theory and practical exercises, where the participants could learn about the fundamentals of model building and uncertainty analysis. As part of the course, the group had a fieldtrip to the Attert basin to visit experimental installations, examine the different types of geological features present in Luxembourg and analyze their impact on runoff generating processes.

The course was taught by several international lecturers active in the topic, including Fabrizio Fenicia (Eawag, Switzerland), Dmitri Kavetski (University of Adelaide, Australia), Mark Thyer (University of Adelaide, Australia), Benjamin Renard (IRSTEA, France), as well as several members of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and technology including Nuria Martinez Carreras, Julian Klaus, Jeff Iffly, and Jerome Juilleret.

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