#2/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – Augmented reality as a form of education

Published on 06/08/2018

Over the summer, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is publishing a series of bite-sized highlights from “New Horizons”, the Institute’s Annual Report 2017.

Augmented and mixed reality technologies, allowing a simultaneous fusion of real and virtual worlds, are at the centre of some of our research work. We are convinced that they provide multiple advantages, which are currently under-exploited. Therefore, we are particularly working on unveiling their potential in order to be able to respond to the difficulties encountered by our society. 

With the European project TARGET, we are committed to integrating these technologies into the training of professionals, whose jobs are in constant evolution and require highly realistic training environments. Indeed, the technologies offer a more flexible and profitable alternative for designing training scenarios. Police forces, anti-terrorist units and emergency doctors who are constantly confronted with changes in their working environment, could reap real benefits from such an innovation. It is our ambition that tomorrow, training organizations will be able to create their own personalized scenarios, not only more quickly, but also at a lower cost. We are therefore working on developing mixed reality environments bringing together different realities and enabling real-life objects to be linked to augmented and virtual reality headsets with geospatial systems.

> This article originally featured in the “Improve quality of life in a fast-changing society” section of the report.

> The Institute invites you to read the report in full online or download it in "Downloads". The next article to be published on list.lu will be: “Make clean technologies possible”

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