#3/10 In brief: LIST RA17 – Make clean technologies possible

Published on 09/08/2018

With the contribution of smart technologies, such as those for storing and transmitting information, smart sensors and meters, network infrastructures, and 3D decision-making models, the way forward is now clear for a more environmentally friendly future.

These technologies prove to be very useful in the design and creation of future products and services with a limited environmental impact estimated in advance. At LIST, we are working on this approach, known as life cycle assessment (LCA). We also use integrated simulation and optimization approaches allowing the best of the products to be defined and developed, and have already developed numerous environmental assessment tools that are used by Luxembourgish businesses. With our ECOPACT web application, small and medium-sized businesses in all sectors can carry out simplified LCAs to develop their future products. With our OASIS simulation tool, water management professionals, such as drinking water reservoir managers and administrations, can now design drinking water production stations that are more environmentally friendly.

Boosted by the success of our previous achievements, and our experience in this area, we are currently working on the application of such technologies in other sectors impacted by innovative environmental technologies. We are thus working on several projects that will enrich the existing LCA methodology. With the VALUES project, we are working on integrating the assessment of biodiversity and the ecosystemic services it creates into LCA in the best way possible. With CONNECTING, we are developing a new approach exclusive to multimodal electric mobility scenarios. The results of our research work will undoubtedly be adopted by businesses and researchers in their future considerations for launching products that are more environmentally friendly.

> This article originally featured in the “Improve quality of life in a fast-changing society” section of the report.

> The Institute invites you to read the report in full online. The next article to be published on list.lu will be featured in “Create an economic impact with new technologies” section of the report, and is entitled “A clear view on the road”.

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