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Published on 24/09/2019

Give the surface of a material new properties thanks to plasma technology.

LIST researchers use plasma technology and its deposition on an industrial scale to treat materials on 3D shapes. The aim is to give the surface of this material new properties (for example, make it corrosion resistant, antibacterial, self-cleaning, etc.). Compared with other techniques, plasma presents several advantages:

  • It allows the deposition of molecules on large areas, on 3D shapes, with high deposition rates and a high throughput of materials to be treated;
  • It deposits smooth and uniform films on the whole surface;
  • The deposition process is reliable and stable, which allows continuous production (24/24h);
  • It consumes little gas and utilizes cheap and/or easily recycled/reused gases.

LIST has a leading position internationally in this R&D field and MPG, a spin-off from LIST and the Belgian research institute VITO, is now a full service provider of plasma coating solutions.

If you want to know more about plasma, don’t miss the Plasma Science & Entrepreneurship Workshop, organised by LIST in Luxembourg on 14 & 15 November. This workshop is aimed at scientists and entrepreneurs, plasma providers and customers, early-career researchers and senior scientists. Key topics to be addressed include plasma medicine, thin films, atmospheric pressure plasma, nanoparticles generation, and many more.

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Dr Simon BULOU
Dr Simon BULOU
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