Annual Report: Driver of change in times of disruption

Published on 29/06/2021

In a context of change, LIST’s research and innovation activities become more relevant than ever. LIST releases today its 2020 annual reports full of success stories, including innovative research projects and successful partnerships.

Last year was a time of upheaval. The pandemic has forced us to switch to a “new normal”. In this context of disruption, LIST’s research and innovation activities become more relevant than ever. Sitting at the crossroads of IT, environmental technologies, space technologies and advanced materials, the Research and Technology Organisation helps create innovative solutions to address the complex challenges facing both public and private organisations in Luxembourg and beyond with the goal of creating a digitalised, resilient and sustainable society.

In 2020, LIST continued to deliver on its promise to work on projects benefiting society and helping to accelerate global change. LIST ran no less than eight projects relating to the fight against COVID-19 as part of the country’s National Task force. CORONASTEP has become one of LIST’s most known projects monitoring the presence of COVID-19 in wastewater up and down the country and supplying the government and press with the results twice a week. LIST’s unique large-screen Visualisation Wall helped to collect and decipher data from many sources.

The set-up of European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC) together with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) was a real high point of the year for LIST. ESRIC, currently headed up by Acting Director Mathias Link, aims to become an internationally recognised centre of expertise in space resources.

The Luxembourg Media and Digital Design Centre (LMDDC) was set up as an economic interest group between LIST and the government, supporting national activities related to e-learning and the creation of a central platform for services and innovation. It is represented by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

High-impact innovation

LIST remained committed to its partners and continued to carry out its mission of pushing the boundaries of research for high-impact innovation. Sustainable mobility and materials of the future was the focus of LIST’s successful collaboration with Goodyear in 2020 and the partnership is set to continue with new projects currently in the pipeline.

French private company 3D-Oxides has partnered with LIST developing materials for hydrogen production in a new joint-laboratory located at the institute’s Belvaux site.

Luxembourg’s first ever inter-institutional research group was formed in 2020 for “Multifuctional Ferroic Materials” between LIST and the University of Luxembourg.

Towards larger pilot lines

As part of LIST’s integral strategy an increasing number of shared laboratories have been set up.  The expansion in the "Aile Nord Aile Sud" (North Wing South Wing) building and the set-up of the future "Engineers' Laboratory" in Belval will help address some of LIST’s internal needs and those of partners.

LIST is also expanding at its site in Hautcharage to accommodate larger pilot lines and laboratories. This infrastructure will enable LIST to better serve its industrial partners by allowing them to test their innova­tive technologies in a pre-commercial production environment.

Key figures

Scientific excellence in 2020 remained the cornerstone of LIST's ambitions, as attested by 110 national competitive projects, 37 international competitive projects and 128 collaborative projects, as well as 132 scientific publications ranked in the top 10% in their category, and 12 successfully defended doctoral theses.

These excellent results would not have been possible without the unfailing investment of each of LIST’s employees: they form the core of the business and are architects of the sustainable, digital and resilient society, economy and industry that LIST wants to build together with its partners.

Please consult  and download, LIST’s 2020 Annual Report available in English and French

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