Bees, the focus of LIST's booth at Ettelbrück fair

Published on 09/07/2018

From 29 June to 1 July 2018, LIST took part at the biggest event regarding agriculture and the green industry in the country, Ettelbrück fair 2018. Developed in collaboration with Lëtzebuerger Landesverband fir Beienzuucht, the national beekeeper association, LIST had a stand focusing on the presentation of honey bees, the factors that threaten them and, finally, the various actions taken in Luxembourg in order to protect them.

Reducing the losses of bee colonies

As for LIST, the research institute studies risk factors and develops improved management practices in order to reduce losses of colonies thanks to two research projects, BeeFirst and Sentinelle, the both of them supported by the Administration des Services Techniques de l'Agriculture. While with "Effects of agricultural structures and apicultural techniques on honey bee health in Luxembourg" (BeeFirst), LIST researchers will acquire data needed for minimizing winter losses in managed honey bee colonies across Luxembourg, with "Warning and advisory platform for the main pests and diseases in the major crops in Luxembourg" (Sentinelle), they will use monitoring data and models to identify periods, when no pesticide use is needed.

A closer look into bees life

Besides this research inventory, LIST offered to its visitors the opportunity to discover the bees and their daily lives. They indeed had a chance to observe a living colony through the installation of a plastic hive and the Queen Observatory. Finally, they were proposed to experiment with honey extraction techniques and to go back home with the fruits of their labour: delicious honey!

Among the about 10.000 estimated visitors of the fair, a number of politicians visited the booth, like Fernand Etgen, Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection, Carole Dieschbourg, Ministry of Environment, and Marc Hansen, Delegate Minister for Higher Education and Research. LIST researchers specialized in agro-environmental systems had the honor of explaining them their work and its importance for the Luxembourg agricultural sector.

>> For further information about BeeFirst, visit the project webpage  
>> For further information about Sentinelle, visit the project webpage

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