Better integration of photovoltaic electricity into networks and markets

Published on 07/09/2022

Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year: LIST and Electris have developed a new model to forecast photovoltaic power in a given region.

As part of the COMBI-CAST research project, LIST, in collaboration with Electris, the distribution network manager and electricity provider for the Mersch region (L), has developed a new model combining three complementary methods in order to forecast photovoltaic power in a given region in the very short term, using self-learning algorithms. Such forecasting will allow stakeholders to better predict the net charge, as well as to reduce costs. In the long term, this will increase the opportunities for the direct sale of photovoltaic electricity. In addition, network managers will be able to rely on a future smart network enabling them to better estimate the flexibility needs of their networks and the optimal operation of flexibility options, such as storage or demand management.

More information:  COMBI-CAST project page

Discover more success stories in the digital version of the LIST 2021 annual report, including videos, podcasts and links to more information, or download the PDF version, in English and French.

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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Daniel KOSTER
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Daniel KOSTER
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