Creating a dynamic between technology and skills in the labour market

Published on 24/08/2023

Focusing on the achievements of 2022, LIST took part in the UPSKILL project, which addresses an urgent need for knowledge on the dynamics between technological innovation and skills in the Luxembourg and European labour markets.

Decision-makers must have tools in place to enable them to meet the challenges regarding employment and skills. The UPSKILL project entitled “skills and labour markets in the Digital and Green Transition” contributes to cutting-edge research and provides practical solutions to promote responsible and sustainable development for Luxembourg.

"In collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER), the Upskill project paves the way to a future large-scale research project aiming to develop a platform for skills data and forecasting, and policy support, as part of digital and green transitions." Marie GALLAIS, Leader of the Human Modelling and Knowledge & Engineering Group.


UPSKILL is at the intersection of a threefold challenge:

  1. the needs for a green transition,

  2. for a competitive digital transformation of the economy, and

  3. for an adequate and proactive up- and reskilling of the workforce. 

It develops practical and technical solutions to track emerging skill needs and gaps, for a better matching between employers and workers, and for the design of suitable solutions to support the digital and green transition of the economy and society. 

BRINGING together interdisciplary experts

UPSKILL brings together experts in AI, data infrastructure and the labour market. It aims at creating a Skills Observatory which provides up-to-date information on emerging skill needs, as well as tools and strategies to increase the adaptability of the labour market.

The Skills Observatory will guide policymakers and stakeholders to develop vocational curricula and up- and reskilling programmes targeting job seekers and the workforce more broadly to anticipate skill gaps, support economic groups and prevent unemployment.

By 2024, UPSKILL aims to launch a new National Centre of Excellence in Research (NCER) to meet the challenges identified with all the stakeholders involved in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region.

UPSKILL is led by the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) and co-investigated by LIST. The project is funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund through the INITIATE programme.

Discover more success stories in the digital version of the LIST 2022 annual report.

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