Creating a new family of polymer materials

Published on 10/10/2023

Taking a look back at the success stories of 2022, a team of researchers created a new family of polymer electrolytes.

The new high-performance polymers offer numerous possibilities for application in the development of composite materials used in the automotive, aerospace, and space industries. Called dynamic ion gels, this new family of polymers is obtained by combining polymers and oppositely charged silica nanoparticles. This process leads to the creation of robust polymers with self-healing properties and high ionic conductivity.

The polymer electrolytes have been created thanks to the support of an INTER grant from the National Research Fund (FNR) within the framework of the DISAFECAP project (Safe Solid-State Supercapacitors using Dynamic Ion Gels from Poly(ionic Liquids)), in cooperation with two French partner universities (CY Cergy Paris University and Lyon University 1).

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