Designing the tyres of the future: another step towards sustainable mobility

Published on 18/08/2022

Every summer, LIST looks back at the success stories from the previous year. Find out about the CORUCOMP project and how LIST works on the next generation of tyres.

Within the framework of the Goodyear-LIST partnership, the largest public-private RDI partnership to date in Luxembourg, the CORUCOMP project aims to study the mechanisms taking place at the interface between the rubber matrix and the cable/fibre (which acts as a reinforcement agent for the tyre). In order to improve adhesion between the cords and the rubber, the cords are coated using the processing conditions and immersion solution developed by Goodyear. Until now, the changes to the cord-rubber interface that take place during the tyre vulcanisation process and subsequently during dynamic fatigue testing were not fully understood. Consequently, LIST researchers decided to study the link between the structural changes and the phenomenological properties resulting from thermal ageing and dynamic fatigue. Demonstrating interaction between the tyre cord and the rubber matrix is of paramount interest for the next generation of tyres.

Discover more success stories in the digital version of the LIST 2021 annual report, including videos, podcasts and links to more information, or download the PDF version, in English and French.

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Dr Frédéric ADDIEGO
Dr Frédéric ADDIEGO
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