Developing tyres of the future with LIST-Goodyear partnership agreement

Published on 15/06/2022

For the past six years, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Goodyear have collaborated to achieve significant results in the areas of material research, understanding of structure-property relationships and data science.

Today’s signed second Memorandum of Understanding builds on what is the biggest public-private research collaboration to date in Luxembourg with a value of about €50 million. LIST and Goodyear have delivered a host of impressive goals: 13 achievements in data science, 15 new material developments, 91 innovative analytical capabilities leading to 94 publications, 17 trade secrets, and 13 patents. These achievements were implemented in the daily operations at Goodyear, as well as LIST in various areas of their day-to-day work. Beyond these scientific results, both LIST and Goodyear hired four permanent researchers to support the work.

Now, the two parties have confirmed their will to continue to work together with the signature of an exciting new memorandum of understanding. The announcement was made during the LIST Tech Day event on Wednesday.

The second agreement is meant to cover two main pillars: data science and material development. Virtual product development, process digitalisation and tyre intelligence will be specific research areas in the data science category. The next generation of pneumatic tyres, non-pneumatic tyres, as well as end of life tyre recycling will be focus areas of material and characterisation development.

Thomas Kallstenius, CEO of LIST stated: “Having built an excellent and productive working relationship with Goodyear over many years, I am delighted that with this new agreement and focus of our partnership, we will continue our research together in new fields of ground-breaking innovation. LIST and Goodyear have the ambitious goal of making Luxembourg a centre for disruptive innovation for mobility with a focus on tyres and tyre-related technology taking into account the country’s social-economic priorities within this second, future-oriented partnership.

“LIST truly has made Goodyear better and I am excited to see how we continue to grow together and responsibly innovate,” said Chris Helsel, Senior Vice President Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer at Goodyear.



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