EQUANS and LIST join forces with Partnership Framework Agreement

Published on 11/08/2022

After working together for several years, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and EQUANS Services, a Luxembourg-based company specialised in energy and environmental efficiency, recently signed a joint Partnership Framework Agreement.

Together the aim of the agreement centres around assessing opportunities addressing innovative solutions in Luxembourg and internationally, with a focus on research and development of innovative projects and services in areas of research and development cooperation in the domain of the energy transition.

Sustainability is key for this new innovative partnership with research into waste heat valorisation and optimisation, energy communities and smart electrical and thermal grid management, sustainable mobility and electromobility, energy efficiency of buildings and renewable energies.

“This cooperation agreement will be a natural extension of work that LIST has been doing for years related to the energy transition,” says Lucien Hoffmann, director of the Environmental Research and Innovation department of LIST. “This agreement will expand our scope and allow us to collaborate more closely with EQUANS Services to drive successful solutions to this urgent need.”

Discussions between EQUANS and LIST have been ongoing for a few years identifying new markets and developing new solutions in heat to power generation. EQUANS now wants to focus on low temperature use and conversion to energy and power, and with this in mind potential projects have already been identified.

EQUANS is specialised in multi technical energy services and brings to the table competences and capabilities relating to an array of expertise areas such as technical support, application engineering, data acquisition and service development and supply.

LIST on the other hand is specialised in the development of innovative solutions with expertise in areas like smart grid management, energy system operation, electrical and thermal grid optimisation, local energy and flexibility markets.

The two parties therefore perfectly compliment each other within this agreement for potential future projects.

“We are looking forward to embarking on these complex projects with such capable research teams,” says Pierre Wolff, CEO of EQUANS Services. “Innovation is the key for a successful energy transition in Luxembourg, and we are fortunate to have such high-level scientists at LIST to work on these projects with our teams.” 

The collaboration is due to officially start after the summer period commencing with major brainstorming meetings to identify projects topics, although some have already been identified thanks to their current collaboration.

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Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN
Prof. Dr Lucien HOFFMANN

Director of Environmental Research and Innovation department

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