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Published on 04/03/2019

On 26 February 2019, about 200 people have attended the 3rd meeting of the academic world with the construction sector at the Chambre des Métiers, Luxembourg. The conference « Research, Innovation and Construction » was organised by the OAI in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), the University of Luxembourg, Luxinnovation and CNCD. This event was a success and the audience is growing each year.

LIST digital built environment

Sylvain Kubicki and Elie Daher from LIST made two presentations about the research developed at LIST regarding digitalisation in the built environment and land use planning. Indeed, LIST is developing research and technological assets for digital built environment management. Researchers are looking at the role of digitalisation, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and further architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) knowledge management to address societal and business issues at both building and district levels. To date, the main outputs specifically target the extension of current BIM approaches towards:

  • smart management of construction processes (see e.g. 4DCollab project)
  • energy efficient operation of building(s) (see BIMEET project)
  • citizen participation in urban planning projects (Elie Daher’s PhD project).

In the last weeks, researchers for the IT for Innovative Services department (ITIS) at LIST have been further developing a roadmap towards Digital Built Luxembourg in collaboration with influencial research institutions (namely ECTP, the European Construction Technology Platform), and through establishing partnership with EU-leading academic and research partners (Cardiff University, VTT, CSTB, CEA).

Participative urban planning

Back to the conference: Elie Daher then presented his PhD project focused on participative parametric urban planning. Participation define activities such as civil debate, communication, and political decisions, thus being an essential piece of modern democracy. Participation in the design starts from the idea that individuals affected must have a position in the design process. New technologies are enabling data to be displayed in forms that can be easily understood. The PhD research is exploring the participatory approach based on such technologies. lt aims at creating a parametric platform for district planning enabling participation and optimization of land use.

> View the presentation of Sylvain Kubicki: "Digital Built Environment Management" on Slideshare. For more information on this event, read the related press release available in French at Save the date for the 2020 meeting that will be held on 2 March!

> To go further on this topic, contact Sylvain Kubicki or Elie Daher via email.


Picture: Francis SCHWALL, Charles-Albert FLORENTIN, Michael SCHEUERN, Pierre HURT, Danièle WALDMANN-DIEDERICH, Marc FEIDER, Jos DELL, Dolgion ERDENEBAT, Elie DAHER, Sylvain KUBICKI (© Julien SWOL).

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