Kniwwelino comes to the classroom

Published on 22/11/2019

Programming is child's play: from now on, the brand-new Kniwwelino Classroom Kit is aimed at all Luxembourgian schoolchildren.

If you are between 8 and 14 years old, you have probably already experienced Kniwwelino. In fact, the little lion's famous connected card has taken part in numerous Makerfests and Science Festivals. Kniwwelino gives young people the opportunity to learn about programming and electronics in a fun and creative environment, and also to work on connected projects, such as flashing fir trees and communication wristbands, among other things.

Encouraged by this experience, the Kniwwelino team based at LIST is now going up a gear, in collaboration with the FNR and Digital Letzebuerg. From now on, its brand-new Classroom Kit is aimed at all school students in Luxembourg.

In this kit, teachers and educators will find a box for two students with a circuit board, power cables and many electronic extensions. The kit also contains a guide for using Kniwwelino in the classroom:

  • activity sheets for teaching programming and electronics,
  • projects to create technological items as a support for other disciplines (such as a weather station),
  • creative tools to build challenges and develop students' problem-solving skills.

LIST developed these kits with the support of six pilot schools: the International School of Differdange and Esch-sur-Alzette, the Lycée des Arts et Métiers, the Aloyse Kayser school, the International School of Luxembourg, the Lycée Guillaume Kroll and the Lycée Français de Luxembourg (Vauban). After first having been taught how to use Kniwwelino, the teachers then helped to design the kit.

LIST’s team is also working on plans for "turnkey" lessons. Pilot experiments started at the beginning of the current school year, with the support of the entire Kniwwelino team.

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Dr Valérie MAQUIL
Dr Valérie MAQUIL
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