Kordsa Joins LIST’s Sustainable Composite Materials and Manufacturing Innovation Centre

Published on 11/07/2024

Kordsa, a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and a global leader in reinforcement and advanced material technologies, has joined hands with the Sustainable Composite Materials and Manufacturing (SCMM) Innovation Centre at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). This collaboration aims to address the sustainability goals of Kordsa by providing innovative solutions for composite end users, particularly in the automotive and Aerospace industry.

Developing new semi-finished products to meet industry demand

Kordsa specializes in producing semi-finished products (prepreg, towpreg, slitpreg and honeycomb), primarily materials that are processed, through mouldingeslike autoclave, oven curing or pres to create composite parts. The Company combines various types of polymers with different fibre reinforcements (e.g. carbon, glass, aramide, natural fibres, UHMW polyethylene …), thus playing a pivotal position in the composites value chain. “By joining SCMM, Kordsa aims to provide sustainable material solutions for composite part manufacturers and end-users,” said Thierry Girot, Technology and Innovation Line Manager within LIST. “Through this collaboration, Kordsa plans to develop innovative and sustainable semi-finished products, and eventually integrate them into the next generation of vehicles.”

Semi-finished products from Kordsa, Girot explained, are widely used to manufacture composites parts in the transport, construction as well as in the energy sectors, as they find applications in a wide range of products where lightweight and/or strong structures are needed.

"Kordsa's expertise in supplying materials for composite parts, makes them an ideal partner for our innovation centre," added Girot. "Together, we will work towards creating sustainable material solutions that address the evolving demands of the automotive and aeronautic industry."

Kordsa CEO İbrahim Özgür Yıldırım remarked: “At Kordsa, innovation, and sustainability are the pillars of our mission as an advanced materials company. Our vision of ‘Reinforcing Life’ is at the core of everything we do. As we join the Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing (SCMM) Innovation Centre of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), we reaffirm our commitment to developing sustainable solutions that meet the demands of tomorrow for the composite industry. Our collaboration with LIST-SCMM reinforces our dedication to advancing eco-friendly composite technologies throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. Together, we aim to pioneer breakthroughs in composite materials that enhance performance and ensure a greener, more sustainable future for all.”

The partnership between SCMM and Kordsa is set to span three years, with the contract extending until 2026.

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