Launch of the first National Characterization and Testing Platform in Luxembourg

Published on 13/06/2022

After many years of collaboration with the Luxemburgish company CEBI, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has signed a long-term cooperation agreement to establish the first National Characterization and Testing Platform.

In 2021, CEBI inaugurated a new laboratory at the cutting edge of technology that offers capability ranging from material analysis to mechanical, environmental, climatic testing, and electromagnetic compatibility testing. Custom setups and tests may be offered based on long-standing expertise and know-how.

At LIST, the Materials & Manufacturing Technology Infrastructure is equipped with a wide range of instruments to perform standard and tailored services as the determination of elemental and molecular composition and quantification, structural identification, topography and morphological characterization, 2D/3D imaging, thermal analysis, mechanical testing in static and dynamic mode, ageing and endurance test.

CEBI and LIST are pleased to join forces and competences to provide an unique framework to offer comprehensive materials characterization and testing services for Luxembourg and beyond.


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