LIST and Carlex want to create the windshield of the future

Published on 03/04/2017

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Carlex, a high-end American automotive glass manufacturer operating in Grevenmacher, today announced the start of a promising new collaboration.

Under the terms of a recently signed Joint Development Agreement, LIST and Carlex will co-develop a new generation of windshields for automobiles. The goal of the new windshield technology is to reduce the ecological impact of heating and cooling systems in cars through the utilization of smart coatings.

Such achievements will reduce cars’ fuel consumption to meet future EU vehicle emissions regulations, as well as increase the range of electrically powered vehicles.

"After four years of research on transparent nanomaterials, partially supported by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg, LIST’s and Carlex’s ambitious project shows applied research is evolving towards technology adapted to the needs of the Luxemburgish industry,” said Dr. Damien Lenoble, head of the nanomaterials and nanotechnologies unit and head of development of industrial partnerships in the materials department at LIST. “This is just one example of the national industrial reach and impact of the impactful nanomaterial research carried out at LIST."

"With this significant investment in partnership with LIST and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Carlex expects to offer a disruptive product innovation out of its Grevenmacher plant,” said Michael Bard, Director of Advanced Product Development at Carlex. “We’re pleased to take this opportunity to positively contribute to the automotive industry in such an impactful way. We also would like to thank Luxinnovation and MECO (Ministry of the Economy) in Luxembourg for their support of this important endeavour”. 

Based in Grevenmacher, Carlex Glass Luxembourg provides a prime location to serve core customers in Western Europe. It supplies original equipment and replacement glass for the Original Equipment Manufacturers automakers and aftermarket industries. Carlex is a subsidiary of Central Glass Co., Ltd., of Japan.




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