The new showroom under the spotlight for the Fête des Hauts-Fourneaux

Published on 12/07/2018

For the 'Fête des Hauts-Fourneaux' organized by Fonds Belval on Sunday 8 July 2018 and combining arts and sciences, shows and events, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has opened the doors of its technology Showroom. This concentration of innovations "Made in Luxembourg" is a showcase of technologies developed by LIST with its partners and has been recently updated with new activities.

Spotlight on the latest technological advances

No less that 180 people came to discover the latest technological advances developed by LIST in a showroom now organized in three zones : "Greentech", "Advanced Materials" and "Digitization",

The ‘Greentech’ zone showcases a stand on hemp fibres as well as some activities in the field of industrial scaling-up of bacteria and active compounds production. The "Advanced Materials" zone showcases developments in surface treatment processes and transparent electronic components, the optimization of hydrogen fuel cells, as well as reinforced structural composites. Finally the hyper connected Digitization" zone, built around the tangible table, not only illustrates the digital transformation, but also presents, among others, the latest IT innovations in cultural heritage, Business Analytics or GRC (Governance, Management risk and compliance).

And the lucky winner is ...

Over a hundred visitors tested their newly acquired knowledge thanks to a quiz. With 78% correct answers to the 7 questions asked, a draw decided the winner.

And the lucky winner is ... Gilles SCACCIA from Schifflange, Luxembourg, to whom LIST extend its congratulations!

Next public opening: "Portes Ouvertes LUXEMBOURG" on 16 September 2018

LIST will open the doors of its technology showroom for the “Portes Ouvertes Luxembourg”. On Sunday, 16 September 2018, from 10:00 to 18:00, all those interested in discovering LIST's innovations are invited to visit not only the showroom, but also to take part in guided tours of LIST laboratories as well as in fun workshops on LIST research themes. Find out more about it on the event webpage.

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