LIST and Circuit Foil want to enhance copper resistance to lightning

Published on 19/04/2017

On Tuesday 18 April 2017, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Circuit Foil signed a three-year partnership agreement in the presence of the press. 

This initiative, supported by the National Research Fund (FNR) within the framework of a CORE-PPP, aims to develop a new generation of copper. Its main characteristic will be a very high ampacity.

This technology could thus be used for the manufacture of lightning-resistant composite aircraft.

Damage can be caused by lightning: millimeter-sized holes, destruction of sensors, etc. The electromagnetic fields generated by the storm can interfere with the electronic system of the device.

Damien Lenoble, head of the nanomaterials and nanotechnology unit at LIST, stressed that "this collaboration is another proof of the Institute's important role as an RTO in transferring technology to businesses and thus strengthening the Luxembourg economy. This project is another example of the industrial impact of the research carried out over the last five years in the area of nanomaterials. Increased support from the FNR and the Ministry of the Economy should enable an acceleration of the technological transformations supported by LIST. "

Fabienne Bozet, CEO of Circuit Foil, declares that “this research project will eventually add yet another string to Circuit Foil’s bow. It enters Circuit Foil’s strategy of product portfolio growth towards higher value-added products, particularly in sectors other than the electronics and automobile industry where the major part of our products are sold.”

About Circuit Foil

Circuit Foil develops, produces and markets high value-added copper foils  for the electronics and automobile industry (flex, packaging, high frequency, smart card and battery foils) while constantly ensuring a safe and healthy environment for its employees, its processes and its products. Circuit Foil manages its activities and its development in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 environmental management systems. 

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