LIST and SABEU sign collaboration agreement for research not using animals

Published on 09/08/2022

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the German company SABEU, a global leader in the production of membranes and plastic components for medical and life-science applications. LIST extensively tested some of the membranes used in the field of in vitro toxicology in the last two years and the cooperation agreement will strengthen the scientific collaborations.

Dr Arno Gutleb, Head of Group in Environmental Health (EH), and SABEU initiated the first contact back in 2021, just after the start of the pandemic. The EH group has a team focus on developing in vitro models for the alveolar region of the lung. 

“Since our first contact we immediately initialised the usability of the products from SABEU for our complex 3D in vitro models and their “cellQART” cell culture inserts have excellent specificities. SABEU is the only manufacturer having all relevant process steps and quality parameters under control. With their ability and proven competence to support creation of disruptive solutions and their established supply chains, the continuous delivery of cell culture inserts and innovative products is secured, something essential for the technology development performed within several EU funded projects” says Dr Arno Gutleb.

These cell culture inserts in which the membranes are used, allow to culture human lung cells in complex 3D orientations at the air-liquid-interphase and expose them to gases, chemicals and particles ranging from consumer care products to pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals and test them for their irritation, inflammatory and sensitising potential. “The EH group at LIST is internationally recognised as a highly competent partner in further innovating the field of in vitro lung toxicology and shares our mission towards substitution of animal testing” says Dennis Benkmann, CEO of SABEU.

Dr Gutleb explains that LIST will in the future also obtain early access to newly developed membrane types that will be tested for their properties and further developed according to the needs of the EH group.

The agreement has been signed for a period of three years. “I think that current staff members of the EH group and the CEO of SABEU and his key employees deserve a big thank you for all their support in providing state-of-the-art membranes and to further develop them in a shared approach. Thank you all EH and SABEU” concluded Dr Gutleb.


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