LIST and SPACETY to further collaborate in the field of Earth observation following a Cooperation Agreement

Published on 16/08/2022

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) signed a cooperation agreement with the company SPACETY, providing in-orbit demonstration/validation to commercial companies, agencies, research institutes, and scientists in China, Europe and worldwide with its dedicated satellite platforms.

SPACETY is one of the world leaders in small satellite manufacturing and has launched the world’s first miniaturised C-band SAR (synthetic aperture radar) satellite, Hisea-1, with an active phased-array antenna that provides high quality and high-resolution SAR imagery globally.

LIST has a strong expertise in space and remote sensing applied to many areas such as disaster risk reduction, precision agriculture, forestry, and maritime surveillance. For these applications, LIST has successfully used for the past two years the high-resolution SAR data provided by SPACETY.

The cooperation agreement will strengthen the scientific collaboration in the domains of processing of SAR data, developing applications using SAR data, as well as data fusion technologies.

The Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Modelling Group of LIST, led by Dr. Patrick Matgen, has a strong expertise in the processing of SAR data, using them to develop services and products supporting decision making in domains such as flood disaster management, maritime surveillance and precision agriculture.

“SPACETY’s constellation will provide access to very high-resolution SAR data at an unprecedented frequency. We have no doubt that together we will be able to implement innovative proof of concepts using satellite Earth Observation data in different user communities’ operational environments”, said Dr. Patrick Matgen.

“LIST’s Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Modelling Group is internationally recognized as a highly competent partner in further innovating in the development of new commercial use cases using our SAR imagery”, said William Zhang, President of SPACETY Luxembourg.

The agreement has been signed for a period of five years. “This framework agreement will be a natural extension of the work that LIST has been doing for years related to the valorization of Earth Observation data and will allow us to collaborate more closely with SPACETY to drive innovative solutions developed by LIST to real-world applications. Thank you all”, concluded Thomas Kallstenius, CEO of LIST.


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