LIST establishes partnership with Electronic-Shop - Kniwwelino available online

Published on 15/12/2017

In the framework of its research project BeeCreative4Kids, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is pleased to announce that Kniwwelino, its development board with its visual programming tool that allows 6-year-old kids or older, to develop playful applications in the thematic of IoT (Internet of Things), is now available.

Kniwwelino is the first micro-controller development platform entirely designed for children attending fundamental schools and “maisons relais” in Luxembourg. With a view to transferring this technology to the market, LIST has signed an operating licence with Electronic-Shop. The objective is to develop a partnership aiming at disseminating BeeCreative4Kids project’s results and making them of public access. Kniwwelino is currently available as a product on

Kids love Kniwwelino! The tool has already been tested several times with technology young lovers during the past months at events like Luxembourg Science Festival, Makerfest summer and winter editions. LIST’s researchers could see the enthusiasm on children’s faces when discovering Kniwwelino as they could express their digital creativity. In the near future, the project team plans to improve and extend the platform by developing kits with specific extensions (e.g. sensors, servos, external LEDs), along with instructional material. These Kniwwelino Kits will be tested in Makerspaces and at various workshops in 2018. They will then also be made available online via

> For any further information about Kniwwelino product and use, we invite you to contact Valérie Maquil or Christian Moll via email.


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