LIST joins Ministry of Equality 'Actions Positives' programme

Published on 06/09/2021

Press Release

Taina Bofferding and LIST sign collaboration agreement to ensure gender equality within the institute

Equality between women and men at work means ensuring true equality within the company in treatment, decision-making and reconciliation between professional and private life. This equality helps to create added value at the economic level and ensures the well-being of employees. For the Ministry of Equality, it is important to have partners who are committed to promoting and advancing equality in their teams.

Equality Minister Taina Bofferding and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) have just signed a collaboration agreement for the ministry's Positive Actions programme. The signing marks the launch of the programme that will lead to the implementation of a LIST action plan for equality.

"By participating in the Positive Actions programme, LIST marks a strong commitment to equality and in particular to supporting the recruitment and career development of women in the research sector. It is by joining forces that we will succeed in overcoming gender stereotypes and making equality a reality in everyday life,” noted Taina Bofferding.

Through the Ministry's Positive Actions programme, LIST will adopt a strategy to promote equality between women and men, particularly in recruitment and decision-making.

Concretely, the Positive Actions project will be based on an internal survey to understand the current professional situation of women and men. Then, the Ministry of Equality will accompany the process to establish actions that promote gender equality.

“As a public institution, it is natural for us to participate in such a programme. Our people are our greatest asset and our number one value is 'people first'. We are convinced that promoting equality between women and men will make LIST even more creative and innovative. The Positive Actions project will enable us to step up initiatives in this direction and provide us with good practices in this area,” underlined Thomas Kallstenius, CEO of LIST.

The Positive Actions programme runs for a period of two years. The Positive Actions label crowns the steps taken to reward concrete actions and methods implemented.


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