LIST joins SENSA pilot team in South Africa

Published on 05/10/2018

In the framework of its research project « Sustainable, Environmental & Safe tourism in protected areas » (SENSA2), researchers from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) participated in SENSA2 pilots taking place in South Africa. 

After a long phase of development and testing of the SENSA2 platform and mobile application, the pilots are necessary to verify and validate it on the field, where the technologies developed by Cybercultus, LIST and Geoville, the three technical partners of SENSA2, intend to be used. In particular, LIST’s researchers have been working on the development and testing sides in SENSA2. LIST developed, among other functionalities, the Smart Exchange Module (SEM) enabling communication between the project components, and the Monitoring and Trends.

In this context, LIST is involved in the piloting activities and participated in a pilot that took place from the 23rd of July to the 3rd of August 2018 in the Ai-Richtersveld and Kgalagari parks, supporting the tourists intensive tests. A team of testers were equipped with two 4x4 vehicles and roof tents in order to move from one camp to the next along the pilot itinerary. LIST researcher Marie-Laure Watrinet mentioned that “During this pilot, tourists from different ages and from different technical knowledge levels used the SENSA2 mobile application in a real context as sending SOS, receiving alerts, recording some field observations. They then reported on this usage (what they liked or didn’t like, what can be improved). LIST provided there a technical support to the tourists participating in the pilot.”

The last pilot of SENSA2 will take place by the end of October and the project final review will take place in November 2018, concluding the project. A continuation of SENSA2 is already planned around the idea to adapt the SENSA application to the platforms in use in the parks.

For more information onthis topic, send an email to Marie-Laure Watrinet. 

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