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Published on 12/02/2018

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is pleased to share the latest edition of The Business Report: the institute was recently featured in a special report about Luxembourg’s Economy. 

"The nation with a reach much greater than its borders”, signals the headline of the Business Report latest edition – a publication distributed to all participants at the recent World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters (CH). The Business Report produces business, investment and political news content for leading international newspapers. Its special edition features LIST extensively in its pages, among a series of big-hitters on the political, economic and social scene in Luxembourg. This publication accompanies the online and print edition of this month's influential Foreign Policy magazine and features LIST extensively in its pages among a series of big-hitters on the political, economic and social scene in Luxembourg.

Among the numerous articles, LIST completes the “Research” category, featuring twice; once examining its pioneering work on space mining – “Research institution plots course to help mine moon” - and again – “Our research has earned us interest from NASA”- including a short but comprehensive interview with LIST’s CEO ad interim, Fernand Reinig.  Other contributors include Marc Hansen, Delegated Minister to Higher Education and Research; Pierre Gramegna, Minister of Finance; Jean Asselborn, Foreign Minister; and a host of other government ministers, CEOs and senior officials based in Luxembourg.

"Research institution plots course to help mine moon"

The article highlights Luxembourg’s space-related activities, focusing mainly on LIST’s space mining projects. 

It also emphasises that the Luxembourgish government has facilitated the access to private firms on space matters, allowing LIST and the Tokyo-based lunar exploration company, Ispace, to cooperate with their emerging technologies and expertise on the space mining project. “The space industry can utilize our miniaturized analytics equipment, which can be retrofitted to microscopes to provide super-high resolution”, comments Fernand Reinig.

“Our research has earned us interest from NASA”

Through a targeted interview, Fernand Reinig explains how Luxembourg is enabling innovation in science and research that will help to better understand the mysteries of space.

The interview starts with an overview of the background of the public and private research in Luxembourg. Later on, LIST’s CEO focuses on LIST’s technology and its application possibilities: “We have developed miniaturized equipment that we can be put on microscopes, providing super-high resolution. This equipment is applicable for use in the space industry, and, in this regard, our research has earned us interest from NASA, as well as a Japanese space company planning a mission to the moon.”

The interview ends mentioning the work to promote further cooperation between LIST and other international research players, emphasising Luxembourg as a very attractive place for international scientists and researchers. 

> The full report can be accessed directly on The Business Report website.



Photo credit © SIP / John Zeimet, tous droits réservés

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