LIST results published in Nature

Published on 17/06/2016

LIST is pleased to announce that the results of one of its projects have just been published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature. By means of numerical simulation and experimentation, the research team has discovered that the combination of ferroelectric and dielectric compounds makes it possible to create a new very reactive material, capable of releasing stored energy to amplify an applied electric voltage. This innovation is a big step towards the development of green electronics (computers, mobile phones, etc.) with reduced power consumption.

The discovery is the result of an international collaboration of six teams lead by LIST and the University College of London. The work at LIST was done in the "Ferroïc Materials for Transducers" research group, as part of the PEARL "Co-Fermat" project, funded by the National Research Fund (FNR).

As a next step, LIST will use numerical simulation to design materials that present the same voltage-amplification properties and are suitable for industrial production.

Entitled "Negative Capacitance in Multidomain Ferroelectric Superlattices" and signed by Pavlo Zubko, Jacek C. Wojdel, Marios Hadjimichael, Stéphanie Fernandez - Pena, Anaïs Sené, Igor Luk'yanchuk, Jean-Marc Triscone and Jorge Iñiguez, the article can be downloaded on the following address:

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