LIST strengthens its collaboration with EPITHELIX signing a Cooperation Agreement

Published on 23/05/2023

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) signed a cooperation agreement with the Swiss company EPITHELIX, a global leader in primary cell-based models for in vitro toxicity studies representing the pulmonary system.

Both EPITHELIX and LIST models are based on human lung cells cultured in complex 3D orientations at the air-liquid-interface and can be used to test effects of gases, chemicals and particles including nanoparticles ranging from consumer care products to pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals and test them for their irritating, inflammatory and sensitising potential.

Dr. Arno Gutleb, Head of the Environmental Health Group at LIST, who has initiated the first contacts and has a group focus on developing in vitro models for the alveolar region of the lung stated:

 “Since the first contact we have continuously cooperated with EPITHELIX and attempted to get support from funding agencies and have successfully joined together EU funded projects. The cooperation was always characterised by an open and transparent exchange of tips and tricks as the models developed and sold by EPITHELIX are very complementary with the patented technology within the Environmental Health group of LIST.”

Dr. Samuel Constant, CEO of EPITHELIX , added:

“The Environmental Health group at LIST has developed highly relevant cell-line based models and are considered in the community to be a competent partner in further developing models and assays for in vitro lung toxicology.”

On top of signing a three-year agreement with LIST, Dr Constant presented his vision on in vitro models and on being an entrepreneur as part of the event to celebrate the inauguration of the laboratory of INVITROLIZE, a spin-off based on LIST technology.

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