LIST tackles Coronavirus

Published on 03/04/2020

A first project resulting from the joint initiative Research Luxembourg started on 30 March in the LIST laboratories. A team of five researchers from the institute kicked off the CORONASTEP research action. Their mission is to track and monitor the evolution of the presence of Coronavirus in wastewater from two treatment plants in the country. These analyses will undoubtedly provide a synthetic picture of the dynamics of the virus in the population.

In teams of three, LIST researchers will conduct analyses for one day every week until the end of the pandemic. The dates of the experiments are set with the operators of the wastewater treatment plants, who accurately collect and prepare the samples. This week was dedicated to review protocols and assess biosecurity before operating as of 6 April.

LIST hereby intends to fully play its role as a major research player in the fight against Coronavirus within the framework of the Research Luxembourg initiative. This CORONASTEP research action will certainly call for others, which are currently under discussion.

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Dr Henry-Michel CAUCHIE
Dr Henry-Michel CAUCHIE
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