LIST’s 40 success stories

Published on 02/07/2020

In 2019, LIST remained a major player in creating links between research and business. In our Annual Report, you will find a whole series of success stories of which LIST is proud, including innovative research projects, unique infrastructures, fruitful partnerships, and dedicated support services for researchers.

At the time of the COVID19 crisis, we need to rethink our society and our economy. This crisis is weakening our economic systems, underlining the importance of a strong, strategic and local industry that helps to build a solid economy. It validates our main  mission: to build the Luxembourg of tomorrow, a resilient, sustainable and digital nation, with you.  Operating in the fields of information technology, materials and the environment, LIST has all the skills required to build a society that can take on the social, economic and environmental challenges that it faces. Because of the COVID19 crisis, we need to reinvent ourselves, and LIST has already started pursuing some ambitious avenues of research. These include the "digital twin",  a virtual double of the country that could help politicians and public authorities with their decision-making, while also involving citizens in the sharing of their data.

Key figures

Scientific excellence remains the cornerstone of LIST's ambitions, as attested by 100 national competitive projects, 26 international competitive projects and 63 collaborative projects under way in 2019, as well as 230 scientific publications produced in the 1st quartile in their category, and 9 successfully-defended doctoral theses.

Successful partnerships

For the third consecutive year, LIST continued its extensive collaboration with the manufacturer Goodyear in the field of mobility and pneumatic materials of the future. In addition, 2019 saw the start of new industrial  collaborations: with Arcelormittal in the field of energy efficiency, with Ceratizit to speed up its transformation to Industry 4.0, and with Anisoprint in the improvement of 3D printing technologies.

From an institutional point of view, LIST was chosen by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop new anti-microbial and non-toxic surface treatments for the interior of space shuttles, research which is especially relevant given the current health crisis.

Outstanding infrastructure

In 2019, LIST continued to invest in its infrastructure: the Green Tech Innovation Centre opened in June. It brings together infrastructures in terms of green chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology and bioprocess engineering, as well as biological production platforms that make it possible to meet the needs of manufacturers in terms of "green tech". The Data Analytics Platform, which covers the entire range of data analytics activities, continued its development with the start of deployment of the "Cognitive Analytics Pillar" in September 2019 and the inauguration in December of the Visualisation  Wall, a unique infrastructure in the Greater Region. Finally, the Materials department launched a project to extend the 1,000 m² Hautcharage site to accommodate new pilot  lines: manufacturing lines to test new production methods and processes. Such assets represent a real advantage for our researchers and partners.

These excellent results would not have been possible without the unfailing investment of each of our employees: they form the core of our business and are architects of the sustainable, digital and resilient society, economy and industry that we want to build together with our partners.

Please consult LIST’s 2019 Annual Report available in French and soon in English here:

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