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Published on 29/04/2022

Undertaking to bring to life and support clean solutions accelerating the transition towards carbon neutrality – this is the vision shared by LIST with the famous explorer and scientist Bertrand Piccard, which made it possible to take up a sizeable challenge: identify 1000+ solutions to protect the environment in a profitable way.

An exceptional press conference in the presence of His Royal Highness the Grand Duke was held on 28 April at the Chamber of Commerce to present these fruitful results both nationally and internationally. The mission of the tripartite partnership started in 2018 between LIST, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development as well as World Alliance does not stop there, however, and intends to continue its actions to promote and support Luxembourg’s innovators to refine and accelerate the country’s decarbonisation trajectory.

Local research for global impact

Faced with climate emergency and the resulting environmental, economic and social challenges, action is the key word. Although there are many initiatives, guaranteeing their environmental and economic efficiency can nevertheless prove to be complex.

“Indeed, it is necessary to look at the whole of its life cycle. A technology may protect the environment during its use phase, but have environmental impacts in other phases, during its production or recycling for example. And, although decarbonisation is a priority, other types of impacts can be generated, such as on natural resources", specified Enrico Benetto at the origin of this collaboration and head of the Environmental unit, Sustainability Assessment and Circularity.

This is why LIST researchers have used their expertise in life cycle assessment (LCA) to develop a simplified methodology for assessing the environmental sustainability of innovative solutions submitted under the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" label by Bertrand Piccard. Also available to innovators, it allows them to pre-evaluate their solutions before submitting them for labelling while simplifying the work of reviewers.

A successful bet with the help of LIST's environmental expertise

From solutions for better integration of renewable energies into smart grids, to technologies for an easier supply of drinking water or even zero-emission livestock farming, LIST experts have assessed the environmental sustainability of more than 120 proposals around the world.

Working closely with the World Alliance, Enrico's team is now focusing on identifying national priorities - across all sectors - to know exactly where to act and select a set of relevant labelled solutions. LIST researchers will also focus on quantifying the contributions of the solutions to Luxembourg's carbon neutrality.

"We have created a guide with 254 solutions selected specifically for Scotland and that is what I propose to do with Luxembourg. I think that with LIST we have an excellent partner to do this work: to select about 200 solutions that will allow Luxembourg to become more efficient, cleaner, more profitable, a help for the economy and ecology," said Bertrand Piccard, president of the Solar Impulse Foundation, at the press conference.

Support and accompany Luxembourg innovators

Beyond its assistance in evaluating solutions bearing the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions" label, LIST is committed to the dissemination of this initiative in Luxembourg alongside its partners, which are, among others, the Chamber of Trades, House of startups, Luxinnovation, Infogreen and the Environment Administration. From information and support on the practical methods of submission and evaluation to the promotion of Luxembourg innovators who have already taken the plunge, these awareness-raising actions aim to accelerate the implementation of sustainable and profitable solutions made in Luxembourg.

About the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label

The “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label is one of the first labels for companies with a positive impact that combines environmental protection and financial viability. It is awarded following an evaluation carried out by independent external experts. Solutions applying for the label must go through a neutral methodology based on verified standards.

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