LIST’s top 10 most read news articles of 2022

Published on 13/01/2023

In 2022, LIST pushed again the frontiers in research for high-impact innovation and helped build a more digitalized, resilient and sustainable society. Discover or rediscover the 10 stories that attracted the most visits by our readers last year:

1. LIST laser project awarded €2 million FNR funding

An innovative laser technology project named FRAGOLA (“FRequency AGile Optical Lattices”) was granted €2 million in funding by Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg. The funding was awarded to Dr Alexandros Gerakis as part of FNR’s ATTRACT programme designed for researchers not yet established in Luxembourg, able to demonstrate potential in becoming leaders in their field of research.

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2. LIST published in well-known Nature journal

Less than two years after publication in "Science", Emmanuel Defay's team is back with a new, equally prestigious publication in "Nature", with both first and last authors based at LIST, a first for LIST and Luxembourg.

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3. LIST and Kronospan sign agreement targeting decarbonisation strategy

After 10 years of collaboration on a number of projects, LIST and Kronospan Luxembourg S.A. (Kronospan) - a manufacturer and distributor of wood-based panel products - have signed a five-year Partnership Framework Agreement. Sustainability and the environment are placed at the forefront of this Partnership Framework Agreement in the realms of research and development, as well as PhD collaborative training activities related to the production of wood-based panels.

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4. New partnership for future construction projects

Sustainability and circularity, digitisation, industrialisation, logistics, and more.... the construction sector is facing numerous challenges. LIST and the CFE group are aiming to work together to tackle these challenges through research and innovation.

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5. LIST builds on collaboration with SCIEX signing new agreement

After working for more than 15 years with SCIEX – an international company headquartered in the USA producing equipment in the field of mass spectrometry - LIST recently signed an MOU agreement with them, reinforcing their working relationship.

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6. LIST and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg present the progress made in their partnership in the field of energy transition

LIST and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg have made significant advances since launching their partnership in late 2019. This partnership in the field of energy transition is part of ArcelorMittal's CSR policy in Luxembourg and the group's ambition to significantly reduce its carbon footprint in Europe by 2030, and to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050 in line with its commitment to the Paris Agreement.

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7. LIST installs Luxembourg’s most powerful electron microscope

The Transmission Electron Microscope is unique in LIST and indeed Luxembourg, as it can analyse material at minute nanoscale to a magnification and detail that was not possible previously or on any other equipment within the institute.

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8. LIST opens an innovation centre focusing on sustainable composite materials

The programme is supported by major names in European transport and partly funded by the Luxembourg Government through the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of the Economy.

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9. Daher and LIST will develop a welding technology for the assembly of aircraft substructures produced with thermoplastic composites

The French multinational Daher has established a large partnership with LIST to mature and optimise a welding technology that enables the assembly of primary aircraft substructures produced with thermoplastic composites.

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10. LIST supports eco-innovative surface treatment processes for accelerated discovery of materials for major transitions

LIST supports eco-innovative surface treatment processes for accelerated discovery of large transition materials. The Materials Department of the Institute is collaborating with the CEA's transversal materials programme to explore the potential of atmospheric plasma surface treatment technologies for the accelerated discovery of new materials.

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