Nanoparticles explained to the younger public

Published on 14/01/2015

The skills of the "Environmental Research and Innovation" (ERIN) department of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) have contributed to produce the animation film "Silver nanoparticles, effects on environment and health" which has just been posted on Youtube. "The aim of this animation film is to inform in a simple and entertaining way the general public and especially the young people about nanoparticles and their effects on the environment and health", underlines Arno Gutleb, manager of the NANEAU II project in the framework of which the animation film has been produced: the animation film can be viewed online.

About NANEAU II project

NANEAU II is a project co-financed by the National Research Fund (FNR) within its CORE programme (SR/825684). Its aim is to develop new matrices based on nanomaterials in which the matrix will be optimised in a way that these nanomaterials are not released, or that their photocatalytic activities are lost or decreased in case of release into the environment. The project should result in the selection of new nanomaterial-based matrices that have an interesting potential for waste water treatment, but that also show low toxicity for aquatic organisms and for people.

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