Scientific visit in the domain of water management

Published on 19/01/2015

The "Environmental Research and Innovation" (ERIN) department of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has just welcomed for a scientific visit Dr Adel Kharroubi, teacher and researcher at the Institut Supérieur des Sciences et Techniques des Eaux de Gabès (ISSTEG), and Insaf Chriki, PhD student at the Ecole Nationale d'Ingénierie de Gabès (ENIG). This scientific visit is part of the collaboration initiated two years ago with the support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Direction des Relations économiques internationales) with Pol.i.Tech de Gabès (Tunisia).

During his visit at LIST, Dr Adel Kharroubi will present its work about the contamination of hydric environments in the Gulf of Gabès. His visit will also be the occasion to discuss future collaboration between LIST and Pol.i.Tech in domains such as innovative techniques for water desalination and renewable energies.

Insaf Chriki's thesis, for its part, is about the re-use of waste water in industry and agriculture. In fact, Tunisia, as semi-arid country, is suffering from an important water deficit while the demand on water is increasing. The use of non-conventional resources, such as waste water, is a priority. However, today's waste water treatment processes do not enable a valorisation of waste water for industry and agriculture. Within this thesis, the aim will be to develop and assess new treatment processes.

With her visit at LIST, Insaf Chriki will have the opportunity to validate the results already obtained and to perform bacteriological analyses.

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