“The heart and soul of our research”

Published on 29/11/2019

“You are the heart and soul of our research activities; we need you and want you to enjoy your time here.” Those were the opening words from LIST’s CEO Thomas Kallstenius at the LIST PhD Day.

The numbers present on Tuesday 26 November in the Technoport building in Belval confirmed these words with the PhD community steadily growing from 56 candidates in 2016 to the 93 today. This fourth LIST PhD Day was attended by well over 100 people.

One of the PhD Day 2019 highlights was the 5-minute pitches from 21 of LIST’s doctoral candidates. The objective was to learn about peer work undertaken at LIST and learning how to effectively present research work in the form of pitches and posters as part of the day’s emphasis on science communication.

In a new approach this year, the afternoon concluded with seven round tables that attendees could choose from, each on a different career path including the academic path, the industrial path, entrepreneurship, and the RTO path. The table chairs included current and former LIST staff, and staff from the UNI LUX Incubator and the Technoport.

The day ended with the announcement of the winners of the top three pitches and posters as voted by the PhD Day participants and in the case of the posters, a jury.

Congratulations to the winners of the pitches:

1.    Kishor Acharya
2.    Thomas Elliot
3.    Valentin Ambroise

And the winners of the poster presentations:

1.    Tessa Van Hateren
2.    Rutuja Bhusari
3.    Thomas Elliot

See you next year for PhD Day 2020!

More info: PHD candidates: start your career at LIST!

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