The law published on 29/12

Published on 14/12/2014

The creation of the LIST is formalized in the Article 29 and we find its missions in the Article 30:

"In addition to the general tasks defined in the Article 4, the LIST has the specific mission of conducting innovative activities and scientific research guided by the needs and interests of public or private socio-economic actors. The LIST aims to combine socio-economic purpose and scientific excellence in its areas of expertise favoring a multi- and interdisciplinary approach and open innovation. The LIST has the purpose of translating the results of these useful and sustainable innovations in research activities to the economy and society. The new scientific knowledge benefit society in general and the international scientific community in particular.

LIST conducts oriented fundamental research and applied research, studies and developments in science, management and environmental technologies, natural resources, ecosystems and energy systems, agro-biotechnology, science and technology of advanced materials, health technology and science and technology of information, communication, management and organization. The LIST can assist public sector partners in their missions and supports the competitiveness of the private sector."

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